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Toll Free 800-630-6215

2 minute sizzle call to introduce Amare

3 minute sizzle call for more information

The 2 minute introduction call automatically comes on and then when it is over, press 1 for the 3 minute call with more information.

Amare Builder

You can find this system in your back office, download the app on your device or go to www.amarebuilder.com

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Social Media Training

Free training valued at $10,000 is available for our team.  After someone has enrolled in Amare, the system will be shared with that person if they want to use Social Media to build their Amare Business.  Ask your enroller for the website and the coupon code to use to get the training free.

Training in your Amare website

Go to www.amareglobal.com, log in using your email and password. Click on the dropdown menu to log into "backoffice".   Click on the "Training" link in the menu across the top of the page.  There are courses and videos with Pat Hintz.

Sending Out Samples

Log into www.amarebuilder.com  or you can access the Amare Builder via your backoffice.

Once in Amare Builder, click on the Contacts tab on the top of the page and then "Add a new contact".  If the person you are sending samples to is already in your contacts, you can skip this step.

Be sure to add all the required information within the red boxes, then click "Save & Add New Contact".

Once the contact is created, click on the "Sample" link at the top and select "Send Product Samples".

If you haven't already, fill in your credit card information and your home address.

Select the type of sample you would like to send.  At this time there are only two choices, Energy and Mood.

The Energy sample is 3 sticks and the Mood sample is 6 capsules.

Find and select the contact you would like to send a sample to by clicking on the box to the left of the contact.

Note:  if a yellow-orange square appears, more information is needed (such as the receiver's first and last name, mailing address, email and phone number.)  This can be added by clicking on the name then clicking "Edit Information".

To complete the Sample order, click on the green "Send Samples" at the bottom right corner.

A $4.99 shipping fee will be charged if no sample credits are available.

Your samples have now been sent!



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