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Amare Programs

Amare believes Mental Wellness includes not only Products but also Programs!

When you become a Preferred Customer or Wellness Partner you will have access to all of the Programs in the back office.

These Programs include Mindfulness, Movement and the Mental Wellness Diet!


Practicing Mindfulness helps us enjoy each and every moment of our lives and be fully present for those moments without judgment.  Increase positive emotions, memory and support your immune system by taking a few minutes each day to pause and reconnect.


Movement helps keep your mind and body sharp.  Regular exercise can boost your energy, happiness and outlook, prevent pain and injury and improve body composition.

The Mental Wellness Diet

Diets get a bad rap.  A diet is a style of eating, not restriction.  Discover how filling your plate with the right foods can not only make you healthier, but also happier!  Try our many quick and delicious recipes.

To access all the Programs, log into your account.  You will see the word "Programs" across the top.  Click on "Programs" and you will be taken to all of them!