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Facebook Groups

For those of you who are on Facebook, here are several Groups that our team leaders provide for us.

All of these Groups are private so ask your enroller or other team leader to invite you to the Group.

1)  The Future of Mental Wellness (previously The Magic 3 For Mental Wellness) - Private Group - Dawn and Shannon

This is a Testimonial Group! 

2)  The Modern MLM Movement - Private Group - Bec

This is a Business Group that provides training in this modern world!

3)  Mental Wellness Members Only (previously VIP Magic 3) - Private Group

This is a Customer Support Group!

4)  Social Swagger Leaders - Private Group - Bec

Great training and support for those who want to use social media to grow their business.

5)  Future Servant Leaders - Private Group - Jen and Mandy

This is a Culture Group!

Corporate Facebook Groups

6)  1. Mental Wellness Solutions With Amare (previously Be Well - The Fundamentals) - Private Group - Testimonials, questions and product information.  Be sure to watch Dr. Talbott 4 minute video

7)  2. Mental Wellness Movement With Amare (previously Do Well - Mission Marketing) - Private Group where you can invite people BEFORE they become Wellness Partners, business successes

8)  3. Mental Wellness Business With Amare (previously Make a Difference) - Wellness Partners, business oriented - Private Group for Wellness Partners