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Amare Global - The Mental Wellness Company

Amare Global At-A-Glance

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Prelaunch in Sept. 2017

Official launch in January 2018

Founder & CEO - Hiep Tran

President of Sales - Rich Higbee

Chief Marketing Officer - Mike Brown

Chief Science Officer - Shawn Talbott

Chief Technology Officer - Mark Nguyen

Founding Wellness Partner, Pat Hintze

Corporate offices located in Irvine, California

Scientific Advisory Board

Mental Wellness Advisory Board

Compensation:  Retail, Customer, Heart Start (fast start), Me & 3, Unilevel, Revenue Bonus Pools and Rank Advancements

Product line includes 22 all natural mental and whole-body wellness products

Ingredients listed for all products

Product information pages for all products

Technology sheets for all products

Lifestyle Programs

Corporate Videos for products, testimonials, stories, and more

Amare Builder system for app and non-app users

Social Media Training

Corporate Zooms, currently 4-5 times a week

FB groups with training, zooms, et.

Customer Service via phone or email

Team information site:  www.ourteamsite.net



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